Sit For Everything

Use “Sit” to teach your dog how to ask for things politely

Introduction - Read This First!

Now that your dog knows a really good sit, and even knows how to sit when you ask them nicely (only one time, right?), we can ask them to sit before getting all kinds of good things. Sitting is a dog’s way of saying “please”. There’s a lot of names for teaching your dog to sit before getting good things, like “Leadership Protocols” and “Nothing In Life Is Free“. But really, all that matters is:

Pro Trainer Principles:
Sitting Is A Dog’s Way Of Saying “Pretty Please!”

When To Use Sit​

There are lots of different times when you can ask your dog to sit for what they want. Basically, anytime your dog wants something, you can let them have it, but with first adding the step of sitting first. 

What Does All This Sitting Teach My Dog?

If you ask your dog nicely to sit before giving them all kinds of nice things, they will start developing a much better relationship with you – a relationship based on trust and affection. This also helps prepare them to learn lots of other polite behaviors, like how not to jump up at you for attention! If you want to skip ahead, here’s the lesson on “JUMPING FOR ATTENTION” Always remember that:

A Sitting Dog Is A Polite Dog

Exercise: Practice "Sit For Everything"

For the next week, ask your dog or puppy to sit before getting anything you think they like, especially their meals! With going outside, getting meals, getting pet, and treats, you should have at least 20 opportunities for polite sits throughout the day. So remember: 

Sitting = “Pretty Please???”

Polite Sits Every Day

Still Have Questions?

Still Have Questions?

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