A simple trick for beginners, and good practice for luring. 

Introduction - Read This First!

Spin is a great lesson for beginner trick dogs! It’s the perfect exercise to practice simple luring, and luring is the basis of most of the fun tricks you can teach your dog.

Review Luring

Before you get started, make sure to review what “luring” is. Practice how to hold the treat correctly and luring in lots of  different directions. 

Lure Around In A Circle

Try All At Once, or Instead...

To get your dog to do their first spin, have them follow your hand with the treat and see if they will do the whole circle all at once. Make sure to go WIDE with your circle.


If your dog doesn’t want to follow the treat for a whole circle, you may have to slowly build up to doing a whole 360 degrees, little by little.

"Fade The Lure"

Go Higher!

The goal here is to move your hand signal farther and farther away, so that you don’t have to make a full circle to get your dog to do a spin. This will make your dog’s spin trick much more impressive for your friends!

But Go Slow!

Do several repetitions while moving your hand an inch higher after a few repetitions. Go as slowly as your dog will understand. Eventually you should be able to just do a circle a couple feet above your dogs head.

Flick Of The Wrist

Stop Short

Next begin stopping your hand sooner and sooner so that your dog doesn’t have to follow your hand the whole way. This way you’ll get a very cool “flick” hand signal for your spin!

Final Product!

After all your hard work, it should look something like this!

Still Have Questions?

Still Have Questions?

Ask About Anything Not Covered In This Lesson

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Snoot is better on the app!

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