Picking The Right Toys

Not all toys are the same! Learn which to use for each situation.

Introduction - Read This First!

I know what you’re thinking: “Aren’t dog toys just dog toys? They’re all the same!” Well that couldn’t be further from the truth! There are lots of different varieties of toys to use for different types of dogs and different types of situations – even specific ones for training! In this lesson we’ll explain some of the different types of toys and when and why you should get them for your furry best friend.  

Stuffed Animal Toys


These are the most common toys your dog might have. While they may not help in with chewing needs, they're great for playing around and maybe even ripping them apart (which is totally normal!). Here's a few examples of fun stuffed toys for your dog and what situation is best for each.  

Standard Toys

Stuffed animals are a main-stay for dogs and you should always have a few lying around to play a good game of tug or fetch. Beware that a lot of dogs like to destroy their toys as if they were little critters, so don’t get upset with them – it’s normal!

Mentally Stimulating Toys

Some stuffed animal toys are  designed to be more more fun by taking longer for your dog to tear them apart, or require them to think about how to take it apart. Some of the puzzles shown down below are also like this.

No-Stuffing Toys

A lot of dogs will rip apart their toys, and some will even swallow the stuffing! If your dog does this, or you just want to play it safe, no-stuffing dog toys are the answer for you. 

Ultra Durable Toys!

For very large dogs, or very strong chewers, high-durability toys, heavy-duty  you may want to buy heavy-duty stuffed toys that can last longer. But always remember that tearing apart the toys is normal for some dogs!

Edible Chews


These types of chews are usually made from animal tissue and only have a single ingredient. You will want to decide which one to get for your dog depending on their age, chewing intensity, and how long you want them to last. 

Low Hardness

These chews should be given to small dogs or puppies who are teething and shouldn’t be chewing very hard objects yet. You could also give these to larger dogs and adults, but they will finish them much faster than you’d like. 

Medium Hardness

The chews on this list will be appropriate for just about most dogs, and can last quite a while! Make sure to keep your dog in a good supply of long-lasting chews to keep them happy and your furniture safe!

Very Hard

These chews are only for the toughest of dogs. Smaller dogs may not even be able to make a dent in them! Make sure to watch your dog the first time you give them anything new to make sure they can chew it safely. 

Non-Edible Chews

The chews on this list are usually made of rubber or plastic that are not meant to be consumed. Some can be filled with treats for a fun game or chewed on for relaxation.

Toys For Distraction

Some toys use mental stimulation instead of chewing to get out extra energy. They can range from simply finding the treats hidden in a snuffle mat to having to decipher a puzzle. Here’s a few examples of toys to get your dogs brain going! 

Fetch And Play Toys

These are the kinds of toys that can take a lot of abuse, made of rubber, rope and heavy-duty nylon. These toys are best used when playing games like fetch and tug. These games can be a great training exercise, and amazing bonding experience!

Meal-Time Toys

These are the kinds of toys that your dog can use to eat kibbles out of. These can help them slow down their eating (eating too fast is not safe) and can create fun and interactive games with lots of food rewards! Below are some of our favorite choices for creating a fun meal time and exercising the mind of your little genius dog!

Final Note on Safety

One last note on toys, treats, and chews is to make sure you watch your dog with any new toy or chew at least the first time they play with it. Some dogs may eat the stuffing out of toys, or try to swallow their treats when they’re too big. To be totally safe, make sure you supervise them when you can. 

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Still Have Questions?

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