Advanced Potty Training

Learn up on pro-tips and trouble-shooting for complex problems. 

Introduction - Read This First!

Now you should understand the basics of potty training – schedules, crates, and treats. In this lesson, we’re going to cover some more advanced tricks and secrets for handling difficult situations with pottying.

What do you do if your dog keeps going inside the house in the same spot, or is taking forever to potty in the grass? What if you don’t even have grass? Well no worries – there’s a solution to every one of these questions!

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Potty On Command???


Did you know that “potty” can be trained just like any other command?? With the right command, and treats with you whenever you go to potty, your dog can learn can when exactly you want them to go. 


Walk with loose leash...

Follow them so they don’t pull on the leash while searching for the right spot !

While repeating "go potty!"

Saying this will eventually make the connection when they do go potty. 

Finally, treat!

Give them a treat, and if you’re in a safe place, take off the leash to PLAY!

Leash Manners While Going Potty

If you’ve done the lesson on LEASH WALKING then you know that the most important thing for your puppy or adult dog to learn is to not pull on the leash, or in other words, not create TENSION on the leash. To keep up this rule all the time, you may need to follow them along while they are sniffing around for the perfect spot to pee or poop. Watch the video below and notice how in this specific situation the trainer is allowing the puppy to lead him around for once. Looking for a potty spot is one of the only times YOU follow THEM. 

My Dog Doesn't Potty Outside And Then Does It Inside!!

If your dog is taking too long to potty outside, it may be because you’re accidentally punishing them for pottying by going back inside immediately after they potty. The best way to fix this is to make sure they get lost or rewards instead for pottying. 

Take your dog outside on the leash and make sure that when they go potty to praise a lot, give them a treat, then pop the leash off and let them explore and sniff wherever they want! This way your dog will learn to go as fast as possible so they can explore, instead of holding it in so they can explore longer. 

How To Stop Dogs Peeing In The Same Spot Indoors

Enzymatic Cleaners

If your dog already knows how to go potty outside but still goes inside in specific spots, it may be because that spot already smells like a toilet to them. You might not be able to smell it, but they sure can! In these cases, an enzymatic spray can break down the odor and help your dog stop going there.  

Cleaner Instructions

Using an enzymatic cleaner should be in 3 steps:

1. Wipe away the pee,
2. Clean with disinfectant, and
3. Spray with cleaner and let it AIR DRY. 

You may also find that your dog doesn’t go potty in the spot that you want them to. For this you can wipe some of their pee in the correct spot, if you had to clean it up with paper towels. You can also use a different kind of spray (attractant)to mark the correct spot.  

Warning: Put Away The Rugs!

A quick note on rugs in the house when you have a new dog or puppy: Pick them up and put them away while your dog is potty. There is a high risk that your dog will have an accident in the house while they are potty training. Not only is it expensive to clean, but the smell is difficult to clean out and will encourage your dog to pee there more!

There are however, companies that make rugs that are machine washable! Some examples are given below.

What If I Don't Have a Yard??

If you don’t have a yard – you live in an apartment or condo or maybe it’s too cold outside – you may need to find creative ways to help your dog learn where to potty. Grass pieces (sod), fake grass (turf), or wee-wee pads are all good options options to help your dog when you can’t get to walk outside or to a grassy area. But if you can, the best option is always REAL GRASS!

Services that bring squares of grass to you every few weeks may be the closest to the real thing, but can be expensive. Turf grass may last longer, but you might have to replace it eventually or wash it off. Finally, wee-wee pads are the most affordable choice, and give you an easy, portable option for short periods where your dog might have an accident. 

Still Have Questions?

Still Have Questions?

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