Jumping Up For Attention

Show your dog how polite sitting, not jumping, gets them attention. 

Introduction - Read This First!

You probably already know the answer to this one. Your dog jumps up because they’re happy! And dogs jumping up on people is almost never about dominance, aggression, or anything like that. Your dog is probably jumping up on you because they love you and want attention! Now, this is definitely not polite behavior, but it’s still friendly. In this lesson we’ll discuss how to teach your dog the polite way to say hello to people. 

What Can I Do To Stop My Dog Jumping Up?​

Whenever you want to change a bad behavior, you should have 2 goals: teach your dog a GOOD behavior to do instead, and ignore the BAD behavior from now on. The next 3 steps will explain how to do that for dogs jumping  up. 

Pro Trainer Principles:
To Change ANY Bad Behavior, Find A Good Behavior To Reward, Then Punish/Ignore The Bad Behavior

Exercise: Practice Sitting and NOT Jumping

This is very simple exercise. All you have to do is:

Step 1: Ask For Sit 5x

The first thing we want to do is get our dog into the mindset of “do a sit and get treats”. So ask them for a sit five times. Each time give them a treat then walk away to “reset”.

Step 2: Jump = Turn Around

What’s also very important is that if your dog is SO EXCITED that they try to jump up on you even before you ask them to sit, just turn and walk away. This is the “punishment” we were talking about before.

Step 3: Walk Away And Repeat

So your dog will either jump or you ask them to sit or jump up at you and you turn and walk away instead.

Step 4: Repeat, But Now Don't Say "Sit"

Now is where it starts getting fun! Now that your dog knows what you want him to do, try walking up to them again and not saying anything – see what they do!

Higher Difficulty: Automatic Polite Sitting

For this next part we’re going to teach your dog that they should sit all the time to be polite, not just when we ask them to. If you have really smart (or hungry) dog, they may have already figured this one out!

Pro Trainer Principles:
An Automatic Version Of A Command Is The Same Thing, Just Without Giving A Command
Step 1: Warm Up

Really quickly do the same “sit” exercise from earlier, or skip it if you just did it right now.

Step 2: Stand and WAIT

Now, after your dog has done several sits with you ASKING them to, try walking up to them and say nothing. They might sit because they’re expecting it!

Step 3: Automatic Sit

So now your dog will have 3 options – sit automatically, sit after being asked, or jump. Only sitting automatically gets them treats!

Step 4: Reset and Repeat!

Same as before – walk away after each time you “test” your dog, then come back and try again!

What About Jumping On OTHER People??

Pro Trainer Principles:
It Takes A Village To Train A Dog…​ Ask For Help!

Exercise: Walk, No Jump, Repeat.
No Sitting Required!

No Sitting Required, Just Don't Jump!

Now that you know how to teach your dog to sit for attention and not jump up, there’s something very important to know:

It’s OK if they’re not sitting, as long as they’re not jumping! 

Pro Trainer Principles:
The Absence Of A BAD Behavior Is A GOOD Behavior

Step 1: Warm Up With Sit

Now try this exercise: start with the previous exercise of waiting for your dog to sit. Then you can start walking around a bit. If your dog does anything OTHER than jumping, give them treats! Walking with you, sitting, lying down – these are all more polite than jumping!

Just like before, run through the same steps of “warming up” by asking your dog for a few sits first.

Step 2: Walk a Bit And Reward!

Now slowly walk away and calmly ask your dog to follow you as you walk. If they come over and sit, walk by your side, or ANYTHING ELSE that’s not jumping, give them a treat!

Step 3: Repeat!

You can slowly start to move faster, get more playful, and “test” your dog more to make sure they don’t jump and instead sit or do anything else to be “polite”.

Still Have Questions?

Still Have Questions?

Ask About Anything Not Covered In This Lesson

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