Socialization For Adult Dogs

Learn how to keep an adult dog happy with a healthy social life.

Do Adult Dogs Need To Socialize Too?

Introduction - Read This First!

The answer is…YES!

Socializing is extremely important for younger puppies who need to learn important social skills early on, but adult dogs need to play and have friends too! Think about not seeing your friends for weeks and only being able to see other people on walks around the neighborhood. That’s no fun! It’s not good for your dog’s mental or physical health, and might lead to other behavioral problems too! This lesson will talk about how to make sure your adult dog gets enough socializing and fun experiences. 

Socializing With Other Dogs


Sometimes it can be difficult only going to dog parks because you don't know who is going to be there, and all the dogs are going to be off-leash. This can work for some dogs, but can be stressful for owners! Here are some options for places you can take your dog to keep up friendly interactions with other dogs. 

Dog Friends

Dog people are the best people! So make lots of dog owner friends you can hang out with. Invite them over for puppy parties, or go out to dog 

Doggy Daycares

Doggie daycares aren’t free, but your dog will be able to meet socialize with lots of different dogs, exercise, and come back home happy and tired.

Dog Parks

Dog parks can be a great place to let your dog off-leash, meet new friends, and get some exercise. Be careful though, as you never know who is going to the park, and not all dogs are so friendly or play the same ways. Make sure your park is friendly and always be aware of the dogs you see before you turn your back.

Visit the lesson on HOW TO KEEP YOUR DOG HAPPY for more ideas on where to go and what activities to do for both you and your dog to have a fun and exciting life together. 

Socializing With New People

Make sure your adult dog is well socialized by letting them interact with all kinds of new people at restaurants, malls, and other public places that allow dogs. Having a dog is a good way to make new friends and it can also help you stay on top of  basic training like walking nicely on LEASH. It’s also good to review our lesson on MEETING NEW PEOPLE and to have the right TREATS on you to help your dog make all kinds of new friends. 

Experiencing New Places, Sounds, and People


Exposure to new places, sounds, people, objects, smells, surfaces, and other things isn’t just important for puppies. Adult dogs need to be constantly exposed to all kinds of things so they can be comfortable with new experiences, as well as stay happy and healthy!

Dog Friendly Malls, Stores, and Restaurants

You should make sure to keep your dog well-socialized by taking them with you to outdoor restaurants and non-grocery stores that allow dogs. This will ensure they are seeing lots of new things and new people. Just make sure they are well behaved, like LEASH WALKING and not JUMPING UP on people!

Hiking and Parks

Some public parks allow dogs and can be great places to practice RECALLS, use a long leash, or just have a relaxing time with your dog. They’ll appreciate the new smells and fun time they have with you!

Therapy Volunteering: Giving Back While Making Friends

Overview of Pet Therapy

Therapy Dog volunteering can be a great way to socialize with your dog, have fun, make friends, and give back to your community all at the same time! Your dog will have to take a simple test to become certified as a therapy dog, but after that you can find lots of hospitals, schools, even airports that have therapy dog programs. Here is an explanation of Therapy Animals and the benefits they bring to their communities. 

Therapy Dogs At Childrens Hospitals

Therapy Dogs At Universities

"Alliance of Therapy Dogs" Evaluation

We recommend using Alliance of Therapy Dogs to do your certification. Any dog with a fun, loving temperament is a good candidate to be a therapy dog!

Still Have Questions?

Still Have Questions?

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