Socializing and Vaccinations

Learn how to balance social development and safety.

Introduction - Read This First!

Socializing a puppy is SUPER important, but so is keeping them safe before they’ve gotten all their vaccinations. You don’t want your little one to get sick, but having a well-socialized puppy means they’ll have a happier, calmer life, and you’ll avoid most behavior problems that might come up. So what are you supposed to do?

The answer is… BOTH!

Overview Video: Don't Wait To Socialize

How Do I Socialize My Puppy Before They're Fully Vaccinated?

Before your puppy is vaccinated, they’re at risk for getting lots of different diseases. They can socialize and meet new people and go to new places – as long as you know those places are safe and your puppy can’t catch any diseases there. 

Your goal as the proud parent of an adorable puppy is to make sure they are physically safe as well as emotionally healthy. So your goal is to keep them safe before being fully vaccinated, while also not missing out on crucial socialization that will make the rest of their lives much happier and stress-free. Remember that less stress means fewer health issues and behavior problems, so it’s worth it!

What To Avoid Before Full Vaccination

Stranger Dogs

This may be unfortunate, but a lot of dogs aren’t actually vaccinated. So taking your un-vaccinated puppy around dogs that you don’t know could be very dangerous. Until they’re older, best to stick with dogs and places you know.

Public Dog Areas

For the same reason you don’t want to take your un-vaccinated puppy around stranger dogs who may not be vaccinated, you should avoid places where lots of dogs go. This can include dog parks, the community dog walk area for potty, and other public places popular with dog owners that may carry viruses and bacteria. This is at least for now until all your puppy’s vaccinations are done.

Video: Puppy Socialization Adventure

What Is Safe For My Puppy Before Full Vaccination?

Healthy Puppies And Adult Dogs

Socializing your puppy early on is very very important! Socializing at an early age with lots of dogs of different ages and temperaments is one of your biggest responsibilities as a new owner. As long as you can make sure that the puppies and adult dogs your puppy plays with are healthy and/or vaccinated, they can play.

New People, Places, And Objects

Remember that one of the most important things for a puppy to do when they are young is to see all types of new people, places, things, sounds, etc. This is still true, even when they’re not vaccinated, but that means you have to be extra careful. Make sure to take your puppy around to all types of places, but also make sure they don’t meet stranger dogs or go to places that lots of dogs visit that may carry viruses and bacteria.

Video: Puppy Socialization Party

What's The Easiest Way To Socialize Before Finishing Vaccinations?


No, seriously, it really is that easy, and that fun! The best way to make sure your puppy learns how to play and interact with other puppies is to have their friends over for a puppy play session. This way you can make sure that only “safe” dogs come to the party! you can also invite your friends with adult dogs too – it’s important for puppies to socialize with lots of different dogs!

Exercise: Start Planning A Puppy Play Date For The Weekend

Is this really even work?? Have a party! Have your friends over! And bring all the dogs that you trust are healthy and/or already vaccinated. Your goal is to have your puppy meet all kinds of different dogs, different sizes, and different personalities.

And most important of all…

Still Have Questions?

Still Have Questions?

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